Arthur's Electric Service, Inc. Call: 804-264-2513 TORO SALES EVENT MARCH 1-28, 2019 Save up to $1500 on select TORO mowers !
 Arthur's Electric Service, Inc.Call:  804-264-2513 TORO SALES EVENTMARCH  1-28, 2019 Save up to $1500 on select TORO mowers!   

LOCATED AT:            8910 BROOK ROAD GLEN ALLEN , VA 23060


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TORO  DAYS SALE EVENT: March 1st -May 31st.-Special financing & rebate offers available on select Toro mowers.



Arthur's Electric Service Inc.
8910 Brook Rd
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Phone:  804-264-2513
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About Us

The business goes back to 1923, when John D. Arthur started the business as an automotive electrical service.  In 1946 the business became incorporated. As the 50's rolled around, small gas powered engines came on the scene. Mr. Arthur's son, Virgil, became President of Arthur's, and he saw the growing interest and demand in these products and decided to add small engine sales, lawnmowers, parts, and service to the business. By the early 60's, the small engine parts, service, and equipment side of the business had grown tremendously. (Also, during this time, Virgil's  sons became active in go carting and went on to claim the  Va. State Championship in carting one year.)  The decision was finally made to drop automotive and go totally small engine/outdoor power- encouraged by his sons interest in joining the business.  Today, the business is owned by the original owner's grandson, who started working fulltime at the business in the 70's, and is currently the president of the company.





 Today, we offer many advantages other outdoor power equipment businesses may not offer you:


1. 100+ years of knowledge in this industry by our staff

2. A locally family owned and operated business.

3. Certified technicians for the equipment we offer

4. All equipment purchased is set up and serviced, ready to use!

5. You are shown operating procedures for your new equipment

6. Free delivery of mowers/tractors within a 25 mile radius of Arthur's.

7. Online registration of serialized product purchased from Arthur's.

8. Any warranty repair needed for a product sold by Arthur's is repaired at Arthur's

   (Other businesses may send your equipment out for repair.)

9. One of the largest parts department for the equipment we sell in the Tri Cities area

10. Willingness to refer you to competitors if we don't have the product(s) you are looking to buy.



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